CrDroid v10.5 for Poco F1: Easy How-To Guide

Last updated on July 5th, 2024 at 10:50 am

Hello Poco F1 enthusiasts! If you are looking for CrDroid Custom ROM for Poco F1, then you are in the perfect place, because in this post, I’ll try to share as many details about CrDroid as possible. By the end of this article, you’ll have a complete understanding of How to Download and Install CrDroid Custom ROM on your Poco F1.

Just like most other Custom ROMs CrDroid is also an AOSP-based Custom ROM designed specifically for Poco F1. So no matter whether you are an experienced custom ROM user or a newbie, this post will walk you through every possible thing that you need to know before installing CrDroid on your Poco F1.

What is CrDroid?

Before we begin, you need to know what CrDRoid is, and why you should install CrDroid on your device. CrDroid is an AOSP-based custom ROM, which is known for its unique features, performance enhancements, customization features and personalization.

CrDroid is maintained and developed by a very passionate community of developers. CrDroid aims to give its users a smooth and feature-rich Android experience, which stock ROMs cannot offer.

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CrDroid for Poco F1:

If you are a Poco F1 user looking for a custom ROM, CrDroid can be the best custom ROM for Poco F1. I am a Poco F1 user myself, and I have been using CrDroid for years now, trust me when I say this, CrDroid has never disappointed me. I have always felt satisfied with everything that CrDroid has to offer for us.

The development of CrDroid for Poco F1 is still very active, the developer is very humble, and active and pushes new updates regularly. Once you start using CrDroid, there’s no going back, you’ll be shocked to see how active the developer is.

And of course, all the credit for this beautiful rom goes to its respective developers and maintainers.

Android 14 on Poco F1:

CrDroid v10.5 is based on Android 14, which offers all the goodness and features of the latest Android operating system. If you want to experience the latest version of Android, CrDroid is one of the Best Android 14 Custom ROM available for our Poco F1.

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How to Download CrDroid for Poco F1:

If your bootloader is unlocked and you have a custom recovery installed, you can directly proceed to download CrDroid for Poco F1, from the link given below:

CrDroid Downloads:

CrDroid v10.5 (Android 14)

CrDroid v9 (Android 13)


CrDroid Poco F1 XDA

CrDroid Poco F1 Telegram


Highlights & Device Specific Changes:
Build type: Weekly
Device: Pocophone F1 (beryllium)
Device maintainer: Lup Gabriel (gwolfu)

===== 18 June, 2024 =====

  • Fixed possible battery drain issue caused by WiFi

===== 17 June, 2024 =====

  • SystemUI: Match keyguard carrier text font with system
  • SystemUI: Fix suspicious spaces around new mobile icons
  • SystemUI: Improve QS data usage info
  • Fixed crash in SystemUI in Multi-User case for PIP
  • Some other fixes here and there
  • Updated Aperture
  • Updated Chromium to v125.0.6422.165
  • Updated Etar
  • Updated translations

===== 02 June, 2024 =====

  • Fixed some Monet issues
  • Fixed InstallRestriction for Seedvault
  • SystemUI: Improve QS data usage info
  • Updated Aperture
  • Updated translations

How to Install CrDroid on Poco F1:

Installing CrDroid is a very straightforward process, but before we start the process of installing CrDroid, make sure that your bootloader is unlocked and you have a custom recovery installed on your Poco F1.

If your bootloader is locked or if you do not have a custom recovery installed, worry not, I have already written detailed guides on them, which you can read from the links given below:

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Backup Your Data

Installing CrDroid will erase all the data from your device so make sure to back up all your important files, before proceeding. Once you have backed up all your important files, follow the steps given below carefully:

  • Power off your device.
  • Boot into custom recovery (TWRP or any recovery) by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously.
crdroid poco f1

  • Now click on Wipe, Advance Wipe and select Dalvic, Cache, System, Vendor, Data, System Ext, and swipe to wipe.
crdroid poco f1

crdroid poco f1

  • Now go back, and connect your device to your PC to transfer your ROM, GAPPS AND DFE (Disable Force Encryption) files onto your phone.
  • Now click on install and navigate to the folder where the ROM file is located.
crdroid poco f1

  • Select the CrDroid for Poco F1 ROM file and then swipe to flash.
  • Once the ROM file is successfully flashed, go back and flash the Gapps (Google Apps) file just like the ROM file.
  • Now if you want to stay decrypted, go back to the TWRP home screen, then click on mount and select vendor, tap on install again, select the DFE file and swipe to flash. Skip this process if you want to get encrypted.
crdroid poco f1

  • Now once all the installation is complete, Wipe Cache and then click on Reboot System.

Voila, you have successfully installed CrDroid Custom ROM for POCO F1. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment down below.

How to Update CrDroid:

Updates provide the latest customization features along with security patches, keeping your device up to date. Follow the steps given below to update your CrDroid ROM:

  • Download the latest version of CrDroid.
  • Boot into recovery.
  • Tap install and flash the downloaded CrDroid zip file.
  • Once the update completes, wipe the cache and Dalvik cache.
  • Reboot, that’s it.

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CrDroid Recovery for Poco F1:

If you want to have the best CrDroid experience, you can flash CrDroid recovery. If you have CrDroid Recovery installed, you’ll be able to update your ROM via OTA, just like on stock ROMs. You’ll not have to update the ROM manually by going into recovery mode. CrDroid Recovery will do everything for you.


So that’s all about CrDroid for Poco F1, if you have any questions, or any queries feel free to comment below, or you can join our Telegram Group/Channel as well.

I’ll highly recommend you to give this ROM a try and share your experience with me. My experience with CrDroid has been going really well. I hope you’ll have a pleasant experience as well. Thanks for reading!

Happy Modding!

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